Students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for school.  Any apparel that is distractive or disruptive in appearance and detrimental to the educational process will not be permitted.


    Clothing Not Permitted




    • Muscle shirts, tank tops, or cut-off shirts without tailored cuffs on the sleeves (unless worn over other acceptable tops), half shirts, see-through mesh shirts, halter tops, tube tops or any shirt that reveals skin between the bottom of the armpit and the waist.  All shirts must completely cover undergarments.  
    • Tops with offensive pictures and/or sayings, "double meaning" shirts.
    • Shirts that are backless and/or have cut out backs.
    • Low cut shirts, shirts that reveal cleavage.   



    • Shorts, dresses or skirts which are shorter than fingertip length, cut-off jean shorts
    • Pants with excessive holes or rips, holes that are frayed or pose a safety hazard and pants with any holes above fingertip length (which reveal skin and/or undergarments)
    • Spandex shorts/pants, leggings and yoga type pants must be covered by a top that is a minimum of fingertip length in both front and back


    Additional Apparel


    • Tattered clothing, clothing with revealing holes or rips
    • Revealed undergarments of any kind
    • Pajamas, lounge wear of any kind
    • Excessively dirty or foul smelling clothing
    • Clothing or accessories displaying advertisements for, or logos of alcoholic products, tobacco products, drug related products and clothing depicting inappropriate references of a sexual nature or gang colors are not permitted
    • Articles of clothing or accessories which are inflammatory or depict objectionable materials, slogans or pictures are not permitted.  Chains (excluding jewelry) are not permitted.
    • No hats, coats, bandannas and head apparel of any type or sunglasses are permitted from 8:00 - 3:15. Hats are to be removed upon entrance to the building.
    • Back packs can be used to transport books to school.  Students are not permitted to carry or wear backpacks and hats during the school day.  These items must remain in the lockers.
    • Footwear – Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.
    • Anything considered distracting or disruptive to the educational process is not permitted.


    At Lakeview School District, we continue to strive toward educational excellence in an attempt to provide our students with an optimal educational experience to prepare them as they enter the global community.  With this being said, we also recognize as a district that times change over the life of education.  As a result, the district has reviewed and altered dress code procedures with the help of a committee that consists of students, parents, teachers and administrators.  It is our ultimate goal to continue our vision of educational excellence, including the development of well rounded students who are able to present themselves in a manner which inspires individuality, confidence and respect for themselves and others.   Each student is an individual, but represents the district as a whole.  


    Students will be given an opportunity to change any clothing which does not meet dress code; otherwise, parents/guardians will be notified and violators will be sent home or placed in the Reassignment Center.  If a student refuses to cooperate with a dress code violation they may also receive out of school suspension.  3rd and subsequent violations of dress code will result in progressive discipline, beginning with after school detention.