Middle / High School Library

  • Lakeview Middle / High School Library

    The objectives of the library are to provide all students will books and materials to foster their education, help them get information, do research, and read for pleasure.

    Library materials are property of the Lakeview School District and shall not be marked, damaged, or taken from the library without permission.  Any damage to a book will result in a fine being assessed towards the student responsible.

    The Lakeview School Library serves the information needs of the students in grades 6-12.  Students who use the High School Library will have access to over 22,000 volumes of printed resources, encompassing fiction, non-fiction, periodical, & reference materials.  The Lakeview Middle / High School Library also gives the students an assortment of non-printed resources to choose from, including the Internet, ACCESS PA, and Power Library.
    The library is designed to be a place for instruction, to facilitate learning, and be a welcoming environment for all students of the Lakeview School.  Students who come to the library should have work to complete, and remain productive.  The library is also utilized as a classroom a great deal, with Mr. Cumpston having a full day of classes.

    The Lakeview Middle / High School Library is fully tied in with the district's network infrastructure.  The library itself is automated with the newest version of Follett Software Company's Destiny Automation System.

    Students are encouraged to come into & use the Lakeview Middle / High School Library.  Parents & Students are encouraged to contact the library at 724.376.7911, extension 6124, or to contact Mr. Cumpston via e-mail at b_cumpston@lakeview.k12.pa.us