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    Schoolcafe' Parent Quick Information Reference Guide

    We are excited to inform parents/guardians that Lakeview School District is moving to a new, secure school lunch service account provider, effective March 1, 2024. PrimeroEdge, the new provider, will manage the District's point-of-sale software for the cafeterias in all buildings.  PrimeroEdge partners with Schoolcafe' as a third party vendor to enable parents/guardians to view their child's account balance, check on expense/deposit activity, and deposit money into the account as often as they wish. As of March 1, 2024 parents/guardians will no longer have access to the old system (MySchoolAccount.com) and will be required to set up a new account with Schoolcafe'.  This change will allow for easier management of student accounts, menu access and nutrition and calorie/carb information. Parents/guardians can also opt to receive selectable push notifications via an app available from the links provided below for both Android and Apple devices.  All account balances will automatically transfer from the old system to Schoolcafe' and will be immediately available for student use.

    Only one parent/guardian account is needed for all your students.  To create an
    account, visit schoolcafé.com and select create an account. If you are have any problems once your account is created, please do not create a second account. Instead, contact the support department at Customercare@schoolcafe.com. If you forgot your UserID and/or password click here to obtain your account login information.

    There is no charge to view your child's account; however, there is a $2.25 convenience fee for online deposits.

    Schoolcafe.com is a third-party vendor that enables access to your child/children's meal account balances. It is not designed or maintained by Lakeview School District.  If you are having problems with your account access, please contact the support department at Schoolcafé Technical Support.

    Apple Store     Google Store

    Schoolcafé Technical Support Contact Information:

    Schoolcafé Technical Support CANNOT assist with transfers, return unused funds, make payments on your behalf, or help with non-technical Schoolcafé issues. Please be ready to provide your Schoolcafé account username.  Technical Support is also available via the chat icon in the lower left corner of the page once logged into your account.

    Email Support Customercare@schoolcafe.com

    Phone: 855-PAY-2EAT / 855-729-2328

    Hours: Monday - Friday, 6AM - 6PM CST

    LAKEVIEW SCHOOL DISTRICT - Assistance with a cafeteria account

    If you have questions regarding your child's cafeteria account (transferring or obtaining unused funds from account balances, application status, purchase history, obtaining ID or PIN, enrollment, etc.), please be ready to provide all names, schools, and IDs along with your questions to:

    Contact: Darlene Wendrock (Food Service Director)

    Phone: (724) 376-7911 Ext: 6125

    Email: D_Wendrock@lakeview.k12.pa.us