Shared Values

  • We believe:

    Students are our most valued resource.

    All students can learn.

    Students show mastery in different ways.

    Technology is needed throughout the curriculum.

    Quality curriculum is paramount in life long learning and in providing a safe and nurturing environment.

    High expectations result in high achievement.

    Professionals who hold themselves and their peers accountable for student progress achieve the best results.

    It is the responsibility of parents, staff, teachers, administrators, school board members, community members and the students themselves to facilitate the attainment of academic standards.

    Professionals that demonstrate continuous learning and a collaborative approach with others positively affect their own students and also students throughout the entire school district.

    Leadership is a shared responsibility.

    The most important factors in student achievement are the quality of the teacher and the teacher's interaction with the students.

    In order to help children succeed to the maximum extent possible the Lakeview School District recommends that parents develop the following ten successful habits to accelerate student learning:

    1. Provide nutritious meals, appropriate exercise and sufficient rest.
    2. Provide a supportive family structure, and seek help from others including school employees as needed.
    3. Ensure regular student attendance at school including after school tutoring and summer school programs if needed.
    4. Model a positive encouraging attitude toward lifelong learning by regularly reading to and with your children.
    5. Know what your children are learning on a daily basis, know your children's classroom responsibilities and support that learning at home.
    6. Provide an appropriate place for your children to learn at home, make homework a priority and them as needed.
    7. Monitor your child's educational progress daily.
    8. Work with classroom teachers as partners in educating your children by supporting classroom instruction, school rules, procedures and guidelines, attending conferences and placing phone calls to teachers when appropriate.
    9. Show your children you care by actively participating in school functions, meetings, and conferences and by volunteering to help in school.
    10. Encourage your children to get involved in community and school district extracurricular activities programs.