The Lakeview School Districts' Athletics Mission Statement:
    The Lakeview School District believes that participation in interscholastic activities offers students significant lifetime learning experiences that cannot be duplicated in any other instructional setting. Participation in such interscholastic activities offers eligible students experiences in an educational setting which provide enrichment to the educational experience. We invite all students to take part in as many athletic programs as possible. Participation in Lakeview athletics, however, is a privilege and not a right; and that privilege is earned by each participant through his or her adherence to the rules and policies set forth by the school district and athletic office. 


     Goals for Our Athletes
    The athletic program is an extension of the academic program, and all athletes are urged to strive for excellence in both the classroom and on the athletic field. Good sportsmanship, commitment to team, and the development of skills and strategies necessary for interscholastic competition are essential to a successful athletic program. The central goal of this athletic program is to foster certain characteristics and qualities. These include respect for self and others, honesty, integrity, commitment, reliability, common sense and perseverance. The values learned through the athletic experience will help individuals become more productive members of the community.